Behind The Artworks: Sadistic Force - Midnight Assassin (2023)

The artwork for the album was inspired by 80s slasher movie artwork and imagery. I chose artist Timbul Cahyono based on his previous work on other album covers I liked. It is an acrylic painting on paper. I had a vision of a scene in my head that I described to him and he brought to life perfectly. The image conveys the horrific concept of being randomly marked for death as a result of the twisted desires of an unknown midnight assassin. “Wielding a hammer, he’ll take what he seeks”. On the back of the album, the protagonist’s unlucky boyfriend can be seen dying from a hammer attack. Under his vest, he is wearing a Decimator shirt, as I had been listening to their album Carnage City State Mosh Patrol quite often at the time I commissioned the art.
Will the young woman on the cover become the killer’s next victim or will she manage to outmaneuver the depraved bloodthirsty fiend who stands in the shadows and watches her through the bedroom window?

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