Track By Tracks: Sadistic Force - Midnight Assassin (2023)

1. Corpsewood Curse:

Corpsewood Curse was the first song written for the album. Like most Sadistic Force songs, it incorporates a variety of semi-adjacent music styles. The riffs are colored by Scandinavian and Teutonic sonic influences. The lyrics are about the Corpsewood murders in north Georgia in the early 80s and the resulting curse of Corpsewood Manor.

2. Speeding Black Leather Hell:

Speeding Black Leather Hell is the first single of the album and is meant to be a spiritual successor to early Sadistic Force track Pain, Sex, and Rapture with a heavier dose of speed. The lyrics are about the thrill of engaging in sadomasochistic rites with a leather-clad woman of dark desires.

3. Midnight Assassin:

Midnight Assassin draws influence from traditional heavy metal, second-wave black metal, and devil metal punk. The lyrics are about an unknown depraved serial killer stalking the streets of Austin, TX, and preying on unsuspecting young women when they are at their most vulnerable.

4. Nuremberg Nights:

Nuremberg Nights was the second song written for the album and has proven to be a crowd favorite at live shows. The lyrics are about the unholy crimes of necrophiliac Kuno Hofmann aka the Vampire of Nuremberg.

5. The Butcher’s Apron:

The Butcher’s Apron was inspired by the band’s time touring in the United Kingdom. Twin harmonized leads create an unsettling atmosphere as the lyrics tell of the foul deeds of Peter Sutcliffe aka the Yorkshire Ripper, in addition to making references to Jack the Ripper suspect John Pizer. The chorus features a schizophrenic call-and-response vocal assault from guitarist James Oliver and bassist Blaine Dismukes.

6. Marked for Death:

Marked for Death features the first-ever clean guitar sections in any Sadistic Force song. These passages are followed by vicious blasts of black metal fury. The lyrics condemn the actions of anyone who would take another’s life for pleasure. It also serves as a humble elegy for all those many victims of serial killers.

7. Camping of Sin:

Camping of Sin is the Black n Roll song of the album. It is meant to scratch the same heavy metal itch that Snowblind in Texas did on the band’s first album. The lyrics are about sex, booze, and Black n Roll!

8. Howl of the Horde:

Howl of the Horde is balls out of blackened speed metal. It is a battle cry dedicated to the ever-growing army of true metal warriors who support Sadistic Force. Hail to the Sadistic Horde!

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