Behind The Artworks: Torn The Fuck Apart - Kill. Bury. Repeat. (2023)

About the Album Artwork:

When it comes to art we knew Giannis Nakos was our guy. He makes the type of art so detailed that every time you look at it you notice something new. We have toured with his band Mortal Torment in the past and became brothers instantly. We trusted him to take the title, and songs and have full control over the idea and imagery he felt captured what Kill.Bury.Repeat. was about, and he knocked it out of the park. We couldn't have been happier with the product we got back.

From the artist Giannis Nakos:

"Me and TTFA go back a few years so I was more than happy when the guys asked me to create the cover art for their new album. I already knew the guys were all about straightforward brutality so I wanted to create something massive and big, something that screams DEATH METAL from miles away. So, skulls, horns, hellfire, and all sorts of nasty visuals combined in a piece that demands the viewer's attention. I really liked the band's idea to add a couple of human figures, it really adds to the proportion and scale of the whole piece."

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