Behind The Artworks: Barbarian Swords - Anti-Dogma Megaforce (2023)

Barbarian Swords has achieved the few humble and putrid goals we have set ourselves over the years. Fucking Von Päx has gotten to sing black metal, release an album, then edit something on vinyl, get an international label to release it, then play in Europe, and be present in some festivals out there... So this time we have gone for the cover illustrators that blow our minds, both for Anti-Dogma Megaforce and for the next album.

For Anti-Dogma Megaforce it was clear to us that the legendary Chris Moyen had to do it, as he has worked with bands we love like Incantation, Blasphemy, Aura Noir, Archgoat, Black Witchery, Morbosidad.... He is a fucking legend of extreme metal, surely the creator of all the imagery that has marked war metal, as far as covers are concerned at least... Von Päx knows him via social networks, so he sent him Totemic Anal Turbofucker, and that was it, the guy freaked out and wanted to be on the project. Moyen has created a great work of art out of our putrid guidelines... We have our classic, brain-destroyed, poisonous Templar, who this time comes to signify the Anti-Dogma Megaforce, which annihilates everything in its path. But not only religious dogmas, but also ideological dogmas... on this filthy planet that is about to implode between sectarianisms of all kinds, and in all directions. Everything is extremely polarized and inflamed to the point of disgust, and we are still waiting for the reset that will finally exterminate the human race. He is us, and everyone who follows us on this dark crusade.

The ‘dick-crosses’ don’t miss the appointment, and around the knight, you can see the themes of the songs, like the thousand impaled heads, a mountain of corpses, the purifying flames to achieve a religious cleansing... and there’s no lack of rats either because we continue to hunt them as on the first album. Rats, Christians, you know... Moyen gave us a black and white cover, and then this one in color, which we chose as we found it much more impactful.

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