Track By Tracks: Barbarian Swords - Anti-Dogma Megaforce (2023)

1. Massive Prehistoric Killing Machine:

This one goes straight for the jugular, starting with a bunch of blasts and a certain death metal touch. Then, we hit a break where we indulge in one of our passions, blackpunk.

2. Lord Winter:

It's a punky and wild track, with blasts paying tribute to Bestial Mockery and catchy parts of pure black'n'roll, throwing in some 90's black keyboard vibes.

3. Killer of all Hope:

One of the most intense tracks on the whole album. Here, Von Päx unleashes their blackest screams, and the song is pure, destructive black without any frills.

4. Immoral Ritualistic Abomination:

Here, we have a powerful mid-tempo track where we pay homage to the gods of Bathory before diving into a furious old-school thrash part.

5. Nuke Barcelona:

This track brings back our no-nonsense black thrash vibe. The BPMs are through the roof, but that doesn't mean we don't have our groovy and rocking parts, which we've always loved.

6. A Mountain of Corpses:

Black-thrash right in your face, a fast-paced track where Von Päx's voice sounds rottener than ever.

7. Glorious Deicide:

We start with an epic intro, and then the track goes down a warlike path in the style of Bestial Warlust and Deströyer 666 from the 90s, some of our influences when it comes to brutality. We bring back the keyboards to add an epic touch, with an infectiously melodic chorus.

8. Anti-Dogma Megaforce:

The track that gives the album its name showcases our war metal side with the most chaotic structure, full of tempo changes, blasts, and caveman riffs. By the way, our friend-producer Javi Félez did the solo at the beginning.

9. A Thousand Impaled Heads:

This one is based on a cold riff inspired by Norwegian 90s black metal that turns into doom for the second half of the song (except the outro). It is based on a droning that hangs on the low E string for the duration of the song.

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