Behind The Artworks: Sturmtiger - Transcendent Warfare (2023)

Anastasia ( had free reign to come up with the right artwork for the album and spent a long time listening to it and reading through the lyrics. Here is what she had to say about its meaning: “I was inspired by the lyrics and music of Sturmtiger when I created the cover. The name of the album itself. The transcendent, otherworldly experience of destruction and death. I depicted the face of a soldier disfigured by death and the work really was based on a real photo from those years. The raven is a carrion bird, a messenger from the world of the dead which has long been associated with war, dereliction, evil and death in Europe. The work is symbolic and I wanted to depict the symbols of Chaos and Death in a simple and accessible form. In this, I think I was successful.”

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