Track By Tracks: Sturmtiger - Transcendent Warfare (2023)

1. Forced March:

This is the instrumental intro to the album, which serves to draw the listener into the ominous world of war, almost to make them uncomfortable before the razor-sharp strike of the first track.

2. Armoured Spearhead:

This song is about blitzkrieg tactics and it is a pure war song, which is a fitting start to the main body of the album. We wanted to attack the listener straight after the intro, and this is exactly what we did.

3. Imperium:

Imperium is a song from the perspective of an imperial dominating force, showing the ideological drive behind imperial conquest and the drive to subjugate other members of its species by the human animal.

4. War is Eternal:

This song is about war being an endemic state for humanity, which the human animal throws itself into no matter what the lessons of history tell it. The human race seems to be coming back to an Age of the Sword again, with the veil of civility and diplomacy completely torn away.

5. Transcendent Violence:

This track is an almost psychedelic description of the urge for violence, the way that it is something brought forth at a spiritual and instinctive level, in thoughts, dreams, and hallucinations.

6. The Baron:

I had long been fascinated by the historical figure of Baron Ungern-Sternberg and his improbable achievements, which read like a work of fiction but obviously hide a far greater and stranger reality. One of the few people in history who genuinely seemed touched by some otherworldly force, a daemon to some and a hero to others.

7. Universal Eradicator:

This is a song that touches upon the cyclical nature of life, death, and reality as well as the lives sacrificed in warfare.

I prefer not to elaborate on the full meanings of a lot of the lyrics as I see them, as I prefer the listeners and readers to come to their own conclusions.

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