Behind The Artworks: WIZARDS OF WIZNAN - No Light Has No Shadow (2023)

The artwork for our upcoming album, titled "No Light Has No Shadow," is an etching created by the talented artist Inken Stabell, whom we discovered on Instagram and contacted for this special collaboration. This visual piece depicts a character standing alone in front of the vastness of the mountains. This artwork is closely linked to the music video we created for the song "Absolute Void." The choice to place a character in the midst of these expansive mountains serves as a symbol of human suffering. The character's isolation amidst these peaks mirrors the overwhelming sense of solitude that loss, disease or death can impose.

The decision to name the artwork "No Light Has No Shadow" speaks to the duality of life and the human experience, where light and shadow coexist. This duality is also present in our songs. The choice of a black and white palette adds a dimension of contrast and intensity to the image, further strengthening the connection with the themes of the album. In essence, this artwork visually represents the themes of isolation, emptiness, and the struggle to find meaning, all central elements of our different songs.

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