Behind The Tracks: Death Valley Dreams - Leave Me Alone (Single) (2023)

Get ready for an electrifying ride with "Leave Me Alone," the sensational new single by synth rock titans Death Valley Dreams, featuring the powerhouse vocals of Brandon Yeagley from Crobot. The magnetic blend of Yeagley's raw energy and the mesmerizing tones of Nick Coyle create a sonic synergy that's nothing short of mind-blowing. It's a harmonious collision of two exceptional voices that's guaranteed to leave you craving more. “Originally we had a certain singer with a higher voice of a well-known band from the UK in mind for this song. When that ended up falling through, I thought who do I know whose voice would fit what we were hearing? Instantly I thought of my old friend Brandon Yeagley of Crobot. I called him up and he came down to my home studio and absolutely killed it.” says Coyle. Immerse yourself in the sonic waves of "Leave Me Alone" as it takes you on a journey through vibrant synths, wailing atmospheric guitars, and pounding rock beats.

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