Track By Tracks: Putrid Torso - Trails Of Hypnotized Human Veins (2023)


Song with which we started the album, modifying it slightly to have a good start of the album and converting the first 40 into a mini intro of the same album, very heavy rhythms mixed with some dissonances, with crushing riffs and something groove, with a very interesting central part mixing several rhythms creating a little controlled chaos and with a crushing end.

The lyrics are a little bit in the tone of what the other lyrics will be about, which makes a whole. In the world we live in where the most exacerbated capitalism rules and it doesn't look like it's going to change, it's almost a dystopia that the lower and working classes would unite to turn the screw and the balance would be more equitable.


Almost without a break, we continue with a more leisurely start to move the head, then it gets a little more complicated keeping the tone of the song without much jolt that segment, while the speed rises with several changes, I love the central stop of the song, with the guitar tremolo picking veryviolent, mixed with slight dissonances alternating between the two, until the great little break, putting between less a more old school death metal phrasing, the part is brutal, a very complete and well-structured song.

In harmony with the previous lyrics, here it is narrated as the masses increasingly large and uniform thanks to globalism and the totally interconnected world, and the vast majority of people swim in that ocean, where the big brands are. The trends put them on a hook, and they are avalanched on it, achieving that most of the people were already clones, it is not necessary more than look down the street.


One of my favorites, it's one of the last ones we composed for the album (the penultimate one exactly) and it shows, starting at mid-tempo with some darker rhythms, comes a whirlwind of several changes of almost a minute of pure blast beast that drives me absolutely crazy, in this theme there is a lot of riffs interspersed with many different parts, bridges..., vocals are more incessant too. The vocals are more incessant as well, with certain technical guitars here and there, and as always putting some break and groove although they are not very long hehe!! Here we have the only mini solo that will be on the whole album, the end of the song seems like a hydraulic hammer.

The same title says what the lyrics are about, about our uprising against all the tyrants and satraps that manage almost everything, being a merciless revenge until we make them pay for all the miseries that they make most of the people go through.


The last song composed for the album, as in the previous one, you can notice the guitars with much more variety and with a wider range of ideas. I love certain totally crazy melodies of this track, with many crushing parts and a lot of change. We advance with a convoluted path that gives a lot of body and character to the song, with some clearer and more open vocals later on. It is there is a little labyrinthine and with some 30 last intense seconds to more not to be able to.

Basically, the text is a summary of a metaphorical way as the system is marking a single path to honest and hardworking people where they have to go, putting many potholes, so that the elites continue to have more and more power and money while forcing billions of people to prolong a unique and inscrutable way, or they will be punished.


We enter one of our most standard brutal death songs, but also one of the most catchy and with more breakdowns some catchy rhythms, blast beats here and there, very good for the voice, it goes by in a breath the truth, I think that's good hehehe!!

We all know people who have no scruples when it comes to wanting to move up in their job, etc, etc....... only for the material and money. Their objectives, no matter how shitty they may be, are to have more visibility in front of their superiors and to betray their own, but there are times (and I wish they were more), that when they fall, they are already rotting, for letting lose the people they disappointed before.


The first single that we released on August 5th, is a complete song that has everything we offer in the album compressed in less than 4 minutes, entering the guitars and drums totally violent, followed by several changes always with the speed of a flag, with much vocal change, in the central part putting a small melody to give more variety, with some wild and heavy stops and a great ending also, very good sample of what is P.T is this album.

It could be said that it is almost a continuation of the lyrics of the previous song. Changing concepts of how many people sell themselves for money, letting others lose the most valuable things in life, and always are and will be mean, miserable, and undesirable beings.


One of the songs I most enjoy singing, with a very aggressive and violent start, until the guitars appear choppy slides with some wild blasts, a very good part with a lot of semi-chaotic stops, with an exchange of rhythms that go in and out without forcing them at all, great groove part with dissonances that are present again and again a crushing end totally, with unique guitar phrases so far,

In these times the messages that more easily penetrate people, are the banalest, with less background, the materialism, image and false instantaneous happiness, fast junk food for our intellect, but that so much repeating it and to put them on all the sides, they penetrate easier and the mass accepts them without grumbling.


Song with which we say goodbye to the album and is our second single, furious and violent with some Slam rhythm and drums totally huge and devastating, some great riffs that flow between them, with nothing to stop, gravity, breakdowns, and along with one of the darkest parts of the album just before ending violently and abruptly, to end this first chapter of 30 minutes, another song that houses all the sound of P.T. but from another point of view perhaps.

It narrates in broad strokes and in a personal way about the walled city of Kowloon in Hong Kong, which disappeared in 1991. It has an incredible history and has been one of the biggest dystopias that we have had these last decades, if you want to know more ... inform yourself.

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