Track By Tracks: Bloodshot Cyclops - A Sight For Sore Eye (2023)

Douglas: Sure...The album we are working on will be titled BLOODSHOT CYCLOPS - A SIGHT FOR SORE EYE

The songs we have released so far are Local Band....which is a humorous look at the trials and tribulations and realities of actually being in a local band....with a few friendly jabs at some of the people I have known over the years who weren't quite as good as they thought....or told people they were. 

Hippies & Witches is about Asheville, NC and anyone who has ever visited or lived there knows that the lyrics are factual hyperbole. Nothing but love for our mountainous tourist town.

Another song will be out any day now...maybe before you publish this. It's a cover tune and it will surprise some folks. We have no rules or limitations. It's a song I loved from my teenage years by a guy who isn't exactly known for metal although maybe he was in a previous life before he got famous. It's pretty cool. Jeff came up with an awesome arrangement. I even got to lay down some two-fingered Jerry Lee Lewis-style piano on it. :-) Don't really want to reveal any other song titles yet....but they are about anything and the music goes from Black Sabbath to the Beach Boys to the Beastie Boys and from Slayer to Leo Sayer.

OK...I'll give you a few titles.....Satanic Panic, Anxiety Attack, Bag Of Hammers, Asteroid Rage. :-)

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