Track By Tracks: Negative Frame - Mercy Killing (2023)

1. Earthquake:

Our intro track to the EP is the first time we’ve shouted out the band name. The lyrics are about loyalty and how long you can stay by someone until they push it too far. The first time we played this track live was during our first time outside of the UK in Lisbon, Portugal.

2. 889:

This is my favourite song of ours. The lyrics were inspired by my new fear of the sea and the nightmares I had about tsunamis towering in the sky, the numbers are from Revelation 8:9. We had this song written around the time our last EP Small World came out, so it’s evolved and gotten better over time. I feel like 889 has a bit of everything in the song structure and always has a great reaction live.

3. Eyesore:

Eyesore is about how painful it can be to see the truth for the first time, from living every day just going through the motions to seeing something that made you decide to break out of the cycle and take control of your life instead of living blind. This song was easily the most fun I’ve had recording, the whole session was filmed by the renounced vocalist for a promo video for Monolith Studios.

4. Heat of Hell:

This song is about living certain lifestyles and not caring about anything. Getting stuck in a loop with people around you and the perspective on the world, walking a tightrope above hell you could fall at any time. You have to decide to try and have a positive attitude in life and try and be a good person even with the devil on your shoulders preying for you to fall.

5. Madness Shared:

We end the EP with Madness Shared one of our best mosh songs live. It was inspired by a condition called Folie à deux - folly of two, a shared delusional disorder. If people are close enough and someone develops a problem the other person thinks they have it as well. When you’re stuck with family and friends in life someone’s problem can become everyone’s problem, you just have to try and look out for each other.

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