Band Biographies: Infinite Rising

We are a Progressive music trio. Our music is inspired by space, Sci-Fi movies and series as well as books about the Universe. Formed by Federico Albanese (guitar), Silvia Pistolesi (bass), and Alessandro Formichi (drums). Our sound is influenced by the new progressive music of artists like Plini, Animals As Leaders, Liquid Tension Experiment, Arise In Stability, by film and video game music scores, and by Japanese pop and rock music. Our first album Awakening was released on October 3rd, 2023, it is the first chapter of our voyager into space, starting from a starry night with Nocturnal Skywatchers passing through a Cosmic Sunset and with an Orbital Inclination and a Perpetual Mood we land to an Eternal song, a suite that reveals the infinite possibility that we have with prog music, arriving to Emotion Galaxy, the last piano song based that will launch us through the next adventures.

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