Behind The Tracks: Gelled Water - Droïd Fantôm (Single) (2023)

GELLED WATER wasn’t supposed to be on the LP « EMPTINESS TAKES TIME ». We were AT THE BEGINNING of December 2022, I had 11 tracks ready for the drum recording sessions in February 2023.

Unfortunately, in mid-December, someone very important to me passed away… I had already lost someone in December a few years before, and everything came back to me in a very painful way.
It was really a lot to deal with…
The music came first and two days after, I felt I needed to play guitar, that something had to get out of my head… in less than 48 hours the guitars, the bass, and the drums were done.
It took me about a day to write the lyrics and to record the voices.
The result was so sincere and important to me, I knew this song was special in this LP. One of my friends told me it was the first time my voice was so « real » and that I found « my way » to sing.
The process, looking back at this song, seems like, and therapy, a way to express all the sadness I was dealing with those losses in December.
When the recording session with Loic on drums was done, it was obvious this was one of the best songs on the LP, and it was to be one of the final tracks.
I'm very proud of it, the music, the lyrics, what it represents… and I'm happy it’s the first ever song by Droïd Fantöm to come out.

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