Behind The Artworks: Crush The Core - Church Of Demise (Single) (2023)

1. Could you explain the concept and meaning behind your artwork?

Our artwork for this single was carefully designed to complement the song's lyrics and themes.

2. How does the artwork connect with the music and themes present in the album?

The artwork for our single seamlessly connects with the music and the theme.

3. Can you tell us about the creative process behind the artwork? Who was the artist, and how was it working with them?

The creative process behind the artwork was a collaborative effort with 3D artist David Forget. David drew inspiration directly from the song title, Church of Demise, to craft the visual concept. Working with David was a smooth and productive experience, as he adeptly translated the song's themes into a captivating visual representation.

4. Are there any hidden symbols or messages in the artwork that listeners should look for?


5. How does this artwork differ from your previous album covers, if at all?

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