Behind The Tracks: Crush The Core - Church Of Demise (Single) (2023)

1. Can you take us through the process of creating your latest single? What inspired the lyrics and melody?

Our latest single Church of Demise involved a collaborative effort within the band. It started with the riffs writing and composition. We always record a demo first. Send the new "demo" single to our drummer. Later, rehearse it with the band so Eric, our drummer can compose his drum parts.

We set up the studio for recording, recorded the single, mixed the tracks and mastered them in our studio. Simultaneously, we designed striking artwork to complement the single's identity. Afterward, we strategized our release plan and engaged our fan base through social media, interviews, etc...

It was a challenging but rewarding process that we're proud of, and we're excited to share our music with our fans.

The lyrics for Church Of Demise were inspired by our deep-seated aversion to organized religion in all its forms. We typically discover the melody for our songs before crafting the lyrics. For Church Of Demise, we found the melodies for the verses and choruses first and then worked on matching the right words to fit.

2. What would you say is the core theme or message of this single?

The core theme and message in the Church Of Demise revolve around exposing the deceit and hypocrisy within organized religion while expressing our rejection of blind faith and manipulation.

Were there any unique challenges or interesting stories that occurred during the production of this track? During the production of Church Of Demise, we encountered the unique challenge of pushing the heaviness of the track to its limits while also crafting a memorable and powerful instrumental breakdown in the mid-section of the song. Balancing these two elements was a creative journey that added depth and intensity to the final product.

3. How do you feel this single represents your musical evolution as a band? In what ways does it showcase your growth or changes in your sound?

This single represents a significant milestone in our musical evolution as a band. The production quality now stands at a professional level, showcasing the growth in our playing and composition skills. We believe it holds its own against the work of established professional bands.

It's a reflection of our growth and changes in sound. The single's professional sound quality is a clear indication of our commitment to refining our craft and reaching new heights in our musical journey.

4. How do you hope your listeners interpret and connect with this single?

We hope that our listeners will connect with this single on a deep level and find it to be an exceptionally memorable song. We aspire for it to be a track that puts us on the musical map. It's important to note that while the song questions organized religion, we are not against an individual's personal beliefs.

5. Is there a particular line or moment in the song that you feel particularly proud of or connected to?

There are many moments in the song that we're proud of, but if we had to choose, the chorus stands out as particularly awesome and memorable. Personally, I'm especially proud of the breakdown in the mid-section of the song. It's a powerful and emotional part that we feel adds a unique dimension to the track.

6. Lastly, do you have any personal anecdotes or experiences that directly influenced the creation of this single?


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