Behind The Artworks: Karman Line - Loose On The Weekend (2023)


Exciting hard rockers, KARMAN LINE, continue their surge with the release of their new video, Loose On The Weekend, out Friday 6th October. The acclaimed groove rock quintet has lifted the track from their highly praised debut album, Like a Machine, which is out now. With this in mind, we spoke to the band about the artwork for their new release:

1. Who designed the artwork?

Artist Name: Georgina Deeb

2. What does the cover artwork represent?

The cover art follows the retro theme of the video, which makes use of a vintage TV and is set up to look like a karaoke rig. The vintage TV plays a main role in the video and is the rest of the band can be seen on the TV screen throughout the song. We wanted to make sure the screen also played a key role in the single artwork for the song.

3. Anything else to add?

Georgina Deeb is also the mastermind behind the cover art for ‘Like a Machine’, our debut album, as well as our t-shirts and other band merch. For more, see -

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