Behind The Tracks: Night Wilds - New Jerusalem (Single) (2023)

Night Wilds’ album “All That Should Have Been” is set to release in Spring 2024, with singles being released in the lead-up. Six of the tracks have been released thus far, including one of the record’s anchor tracks “New Jerusalem.” Lead singer and songwriter Seth shares the story behind the track.

For me, this is one of the most powerful and beautiful tracks on my upcoming album “All That Should Have Been” because of how the song deepens with each listen. As the fifth track, and fifth “chapter” so to speak on the album, it provides the apex of the story that the first four songs hint at, of a child trapped in a world where he doesn’t know the way out. In “New Jerusalem,” you see the story unfold in a new way, with the child realizing he can escape from the cage he feels trapped in, because he was the one who created it in the first place, as a form of protection. This song - and album - as a whole, feel like a gift to the little boy inside me, to the parts that I locked away in the dark for so many years. I needed him to know that his story was worth telling. This track is unique on the album in that regard - it's the closest to the most vulnerable parts.

Night Wild’s next track “Control” is set to release on October 27. Check out Night Wilds on all streaming platforms and across social media @nightwildsband.

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