Behind The Scenes: State Of Deceit - Withered (Official Video)

Pete: ‘The video depicts a girlfriend going to a local bar and trying to seek out another love. The song is a breakup song about an ex partner recalling how damaged their relationship was and how the other person was just looking for other people. The video was great fun to shoot, it stars some of the people who have helped us as a band over the past few years. The lead female, the protagonist, is Tab who took photos of us on tour, the boyfriend looking for his love is played by Oli who played drums for us on the same tour, and the man who has taken the protagonists eye is Francesco, Davide’s brother who filled in on bass for us last year! It was great to give these guys a proper place in our history as a band. Aiden Thomas filmed and directed the video and he absolutely smashed it. It captured the energy of the song with the context of the lyrics, we couldn’t be happier with what he put together for this video!’
Davide: ‘This video was great fun! We created the whole scenography in a rehearsal room moving black panels around and adding some stuff around to make it more realistic and I can’t believe how cool it looks. Having all our mates around including my brother made the shooting experience really chilled and smooth. We had an initial plot for the main scenes and having all our friends around gave us the opportunity to explore other ideas leading to an incredible result. We worked previously with Aiden Thomas in “At What Cost?” and we couldn’t do anything better going for him again..his videos are constantly full of energy and he always manages to get the best result from our songs. The actor’s choice was also great: Oli, Tab and Francesco impersonated the role realistically giving the right vibe we were looking for. I’m literally stoked and I cannot wait to hear what people think about it!’

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