Behind The Tracks: Plastic Barricades - For The Brave (Single) (2023)

“For the Brave” celebrates the universal human experience of confronting our fears and refusing to be bound by doubts and insecurities. It is an anthem for those willing to face life head-on, unafraid of failure, and determined to persevere.

Bravery isn't confined to heroic acts we see on TV; sometimes we need courage to just get out of bed in the morning. Courage to carry on, courage to stay strong…

We all face daily battles with our inner demons and have to find the strength to forge ahead. Can we rediscover hope in this seemingly hopeless world? How can we change?

Over the last few years the band earned a reputation for making truly DIY music videos. 2020 “Optimist” and 2023 “Counting Fireworks” have won several international film festival awards – and the band’s tradition of eccentric and whimsical visual narratives continues with “For the Brave”.

Crafted under the guiding hand of the band's artistic visionary Elina Pasok and the talented London-based artist Olly Holovchenko, the new stop-motion video explores the struggle to summon the courage to make that one important phone call.

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