Behind The Artworks: Sorathian Dawn - Radiant Terror (2023)

This covert artwork for ‘Radiant Terror’ was done by our friend Mitchell Nolte, who also did the cover for our last album ‘Sun of the Deep’. As with the album we wanted a blend of Western and Eastern esotericism. So we took the stories of Odin’s Wild Hunt from Western European heritage and the stories of Kalki the avenging avatar of Vishnu from Hindu texts. These two stories greatly inspired the direction of the lyrical themes and created a jumping-off point for many other occult concepts contained within the album. The centerpiece is of Kalki riding his pale steed of death to clean the world in fire and blood. He is surrounded by ghostly warriors riding wolves and other nocturnal spectral creatures that would accompany Odin on his Wild Hunt.

Here is Mitchells website

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