Track By Tracks: Sorathian Dawn - Radiant Terror (2023)

It is impossible to codify a description of each individual track as they are all so interwoven thematically. Often during the lyric writing process I will invoke the practices of the ancient oracles and attempt to work myself into a trance like state to commune with entities and spiritual forces. In doing so I document messages I receive through a process of automatic writing and later refine the texts to something coherent for the human mind and listener. For example the title track ‘Radiant Terror’ takes inspiration from many Hindu texts namely the Mahabharata and the Kalki Purana. The track was written in a deep trance of automatic writing while attempting to commune with this entity. Kalki is commonly known as the tenth and final avatar of Vishnu to bring about the end of the Kali-yuga or the age of iron in other western esoteric writings.

The lyric writing process is somewhat free-form and arises from a deep understanding of occult and esoteric writing of many different traditions. I always attempt to write in a way that reaches out to a listener at a level pre rational. A level that reaches an ‘understanding’ that happens subconsciously and invokes a feeling of knowing in the listener. This concept is hard if not impossible to explain but to those that know they will ‘know’ and join us on our sonic journey.

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