Band Biographies: Brainburn

Founded in 2023, Brainburn is a Metalcore band based out of Orange Beach, Alabama, consisting of Gavin Fuller (vocals), Will Halverson (drums), Jacob McDaniel (guitar), and Ty Lahey (bass/backing vocals). Influenced by renowned acts like Disembodied, Car Bomb, Sylosis, Kublai Khan, Guilt Trip, and Chamber, Brainburn has developed a dark and aggressive sound with a strong emphasis on groove. Key components of their music are down-tuned guitars, screamed vocals, and intense lyrical themes, often relating to current events.
In May 2023, the band unveiled their "Spring Demonstration," a two-song release that quickly gained them local attention, leading to performances alongside bands such as Sanguisugabogg, Monuments, Kruelty, I Set My Friends on Fire, Magnitude, Gates to Hell, and CAPRA throughout the latter half of 2023.
The band released another two-song EP, "Winter Demonstration," in January 2024, and followed it with a Southeast tour alongside the bands Circle Back and Heavy Is The Head. Following the tour, they began regularly playing shows around Alabama and Florida, while also writing a new EP set to release in Fall or Winter of 2024.

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