Track By Tracks: Wolfcross - From The North (2022)

1. So I Return:
J. B. Vorgoth: "So I Return" deals with the pagan concept of reincarnation. A fitting opening track as Wolfcross has returned reincarnated as a real band as opposed to the one-man project it used to be.

2. Old Sinner:

J. B. Vorgoth: "Old Sinner" is a story based on how the Christian church persecuted and executed pagans and non-Christians throughout history. Crimes we will neither forget nor forgive.

3. Enochian Key:

J. B. Vorgoth: "Enochian Key" is a proclamation of Satan and of the lasting power which resides in those strong enough to walk the left-hand path.

4. Magna Mater Daemonum:

J. B. Vorgoth: "Magna Mater Daemonum" deals with the feminine power of the left-hand path and its different aspects and Lilith who embodies it.

5. Självmordspakt:

J. B. Vorgoth: "Självmordspakt" was written as a way to deal with my own depression some years ago. My therapist thought it would be a good idea to use my music to vent and this was the result. I hope it can serve that same purpose for others. All Wolfcross fans are warriors and I suspect many fights this battle in secret but with this song, we stand side by side with you in that fight.

6. Possessed By Death:

J. B. Vorgoth: "Possessed By Death" has lyrics based on old Swedish folklore regarding the concept of death.

7. Helgd Hägne Grifterna:

J. B. Vorgoth: "Helgd Hägne Grifterna" is a song about how Christianity tried and nearly succeeded in destroying and replacing the culture and religion of our ancestors yet it endures to this day.

8. Svart Speed Metal:

J. B. Vorgoth: "Svart Speed Metal" is a tribute to the first wave of black metal when it was all about who could play the fastest and sound the evilest.

9. Heathen Heart:

J. B. Vorgoth: "Heathen Heart" is about the everlasting pagan spirit that still lives on defiantly in the hearts of us today as did in our ancestors.

10. From The North:

J. B. Vorgoth: "From The North" deals with the old concept found in mythologies and stories and religions all around the world that evil comes from the north.

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